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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Always needed a tripod... Finally got one

    [caption id="attachment_227" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sony VCT-R640 Light Weight Tripod"]Sony VCT-R640 Light Weight Tripod[/caption]

    I have been searching for a tripod for some time now and its always been too many people and too many opinions. Well yesterday as I was waiting for my flight in delhi, I came across the Sony vct-r640. It was just sitting in the display and at first I thought to myself, "Prolly very expensive and not worth it". I picked it up and it was quite light- maybe the construction quality should have come to mind but it did'nt. In fact I quite liked the feel and weight. I am planning to use this on trips so I need the tripod to be portable or even ultra portable.

    This particular model I liked cause it was cheaper than the metal ones I had inquired about. I understand that the build quality is really great on the metal ones but 3.0Kg for a tripod? This is an excellent solution. Pan, Tile and even the flip out the camera sideways for those panoramas. I bought it and it can handle my camera pretty well. I was afraid that my Tamron 18-200mm would be a tad heavy for the tripod and there might be stability issues since I read the "handycam" label on it. None the less it was quite stable. The height for the tripod is good and the build quality is really nice too. I read some places that the tripod's build quality is a bit shaky but I personally feel that for the price and the weight it is quite nice.

    I was a little disappointed by the fact that there was no carry case included and I am not buying one any time soon either. I think the tripod can fit into my luggage without hassle and carry cases are over rated anyways.

    It is a value for money, light weight tripod that can support most handy-cams, Point & Shoots and even the dslrs. Prolly not going to be used by professional photographers but for the occasional traveler who needs to take some long exposures and his/her own pictures, this is a great option.

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