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    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    The Title!

    So I have been debating on the exact title of my roadtest design and so far I have really come up with ugly names to say the least. The functionality is really general purpose and I intend to stuff as much into this design as I can. Right now I think I will name my design "Smart Container For Perishable Material Transport with Data logging"

    WOW that seems more like a description than a title. How about SCPMT? The name is not that important, what is important is that it be useful and usable. HELP!

    I am starting the design document and freezing the final specs(along with a few last minute surprise features that TI might find interesting). I have a PhD to work on simultaneously so I hope the two works don't collide. I'm also contemplating getting a permanent video recording setup so I can do video logs instead of written ones. I do not think I can do justice to what I am doing by using simple diagrams and paragraphs.

    On a side not, I asked if we could use the allotted budget as per requirement basis. This would allow us to build modules at a time. Somehow we can only buy stuff in one go so that's a bummer. I was hoping to save element14 some money but too bad.
    I have to dig up everything I already have and try to put humpty dumpty together.

    I will be posting blogs with the title IP:NUMBER so that they are easy to track.



    1. what about "SmartCooler" or "SmartFridge" or "IceBox" (slang for cooler)

    2. The jury is still out on that my good friend. But I like the way you think ☺