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    Sunday, January 15, 2017

    Modding a Mod: Ben Heck Xbox One Tablet Build

    Element14 held a contest where they would give away the XBox One build to one lucky member and guess what. That was me.

    I received the XBox One Portable from the Ben Heck show via UPS who totally destroyed the casing. I was surprised it survived the trip though the hinges were broken and the insides were pretty shaken up. Here is the initial unboxing video.

    Yea and if that wasn’t bad enough when I plugged it in, the PSU went POOF. I had to take it apart…

    So the PSU was damaged and I really did not have the funds to buy a genuine new one.  So I bought a cheap chinese one and that did not last too long either.

    The only other option I had was to rebuild this build with a PS3 which I already had and…

    This non-destructive mod worked and I we went ahead to make the final adjustments.

    Since I don’t have access to a CNC router, my only option is to use good ol hand made stuff.

    The corners are made with cardboard with a Plastic sheet for strength…


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